Cloud Thoughts (Part 6)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 6) free verse stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Several times through out the day these "cloud thoughts" just pop into my head and I've been writing them down when they do. I really want to make these into a poetry book. Any suggestions are welcome :)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 6)

I deserved closure. Especially once I poured my heart out on the floor turned myself inside out to get a measly two words out of someone who was to worried about my feelings to care about what the silence would do to me later -you could have handed me a mop

There are some songs that I still skip because I hear them the same way I did when I was with you. -unnecessary pain

I don’t want to open the box and invite all the things that makes me feel like my mind is a terrible place To create another war inside of me -I’ve got a body count

I hit the water try to keep my head above it The hole in my chest fills with water It weighs me down I can’t fill it with the things I used to so I’ll try to fill it with the air from my own mouth -breathe

Those dark places in our hearts and thoughts need to be found need to be explored can’t be forgotten can’t be ignored You’ll think you’re broken You’ll think your wings have been plucked off but they haven’t You just lost your way -borrow the moonlight (Part II by Paramore inspired)

I don’t always need someone at 1 in the morning when I’m lying in bed regretting things I can never take back. When I’m thinking about things I never should have said Sometimes I need someone at 3 in the afternoon to realize a smile doesn’t mean I’m happy -depression doesn’t care about the sun

The first time I fell in love it was forbidden Our line had already been drawn in the sand and no matter how close we got to that line we never crossed it I thought about it. I think he did too

It was easy to fall in love with him because our minds connected. But our hearts couldn’t find each other in the maze of our friendship -just friends

I can't get back who I was and that's okay She was naive to think her security blanket couldn't be pulled off of her. She forgot how the past liked to come back with it's teeth bared

ready to bite a hole in the present that she fell through until she hit the bottom. She was a girl who put her everything into temporary things -naive forgetful girl

I wonder when I'll be able to say that I'm better now with a straight face and without my knuckles turning white from gripping onto those words like it's the only thing keeping me from falling again -don't come around

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