Cloud Thoughts (Part 4)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 4) series stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Hey! Here's some more cloud thoughts from the past month or so. Happy writing! :)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 4)

She’ll always care She’ll always love you She’ll never leave you And that’s the problem — I am she and you are gone

I’m a writer I turn people into characters poke and prod their brains without them knowing gather up their words turn them into pages based off a single thing they said — you’ve been warned

I’m a poet I take years of sadness love hate happiness hopelessness and unleash it in a tangle of metaphors loop them together with a string and hang them up for everyone to see and try to unravel. — good freaking luck

I wish you would read my favorite poems read the word she and picture my smile fading slowly read the word her picture my tear stained cheeks read the word love and hear me scream — read their words and feel my pain

When I saw you I should have walked up to you and said “Hi.” My heart was still open and it still remembered you — My heart never forgets

I planted all of my seeds into your warm brown eyes and waited for flowers to grow My tears over watered them and we both drowned in the mud — Ode to r.h.Sin

My ship sunk I hit the ice cold water grabbed onto a piece of the boat floating by and waited for you A rescue that would never come — Ode to Titanic

I thought being needed Was the same thing as being loved I thought being present Was the same thing as friendship I thought pretending I was okay Was the same thing as being okay — somethings I don’t understand

There’s no way I could write how it felt when you sat next to me heard me beg you to say something anything to save our friendship you just sat there and said nothing -your silence screamed I don’t care

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you so much for reading my poetry and stories! It really means a lot to me. Writing is the one thing I have that keeps me grounded on days when I want to slip back into depression. Sharing my writing with all of you really makes me happy. I may not have friends IRL but here I feel like I'm a part of something <3 ARivers

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