Cloud Thoughts (Part 3)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 3) free verse stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Just some more cloud thoughts from the past month or so. Some are based off of characters from stories I've written and others are about me.

Cloud Thoughts (Part 3)

I hope we never do meet again As the same people we were. -when girls telephone boys 4/26/18

I should have looked down instead of at your face I should have noticed the heaviness in my feet I should have felt myself turning into stone My body became a statue in the shade As you walked into the sun -I’m not kissing anymore snakes 4/26/18

I can pull poetry out of something ugly and traumatic I can turn tears into rivers Pain into a thunderstorm Happiness into a field of flowers But I can never tell the truth -the truth at a slant 4/26/18

I guess you just thought I would be okay living on memory lane forever It’s not like you come to see me So don’t pretend that me moving makes a damn bit of difference to you -I've been bleeding for a long time 5/12/18

I’m afraid of losing everyone but no one has ever been afraid to lose me. No one has ever fought for me. They just filled me up with helium and let me go -I’m not a god damn balloon

You want my body to respond To the thought of your touch But my body barely responds Touch Skin touching skin Makes my skin want to crawl away I think it did crawl away no wonder I’ve been untouchable for years. -I can’t flirt with you

Your words didn’t match your actions and my truth was too much for you to hear -you knew what you were getting into

I don’t care what happened between the two of you. Don’t put her mental illness on display. Don’t let people know that life is too much for her sometimes. Don’t insult her for taking medication to feel a little less. — The Prozac Woman 5/31/18

I don’t think I have the right to feel anything but numb because that’s the way my dad makes me feel. He numbed me with fear when I was a child. He numbed me with a feeling of being abandoned and feeling like I deserved to be that way. — The character with daddy issues

I guess I blame you a little bit Because you were my safety blanket But I never felt safe telling you what happened -he was the match, I burned and you watched

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