Backpedaling (Title)
Backpedaling (Title) writing stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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2/27/18 Too much time alone + no one to talk to = lotssss of writing which isn't a bad thing

Backpedaling (Title)

I'm going back in my head Going over what i did Or said

Did I look at things too closely? Did I use a magnifying glass and search for things that weren't there?

Now an apology is hanging bitterly from my lips It doesn't taste right

I can tell myself it's not a big deal But then why did it hurt so bad? Why did I cry so damn much?

Oh…that’s right Because I’m too emotional too dramatic too much So instead of writing this

I start writing an apology And it sounds like this

I’m sorry I tried I’m sorry I cried too often too much

I’m sorry I overthought everything I’m sorry I still overthink everything I’m sorry for the way I am

I’m sorry my hands weren’t soft enough I’m sorry my arms weren’t long enough I’m sorry my knees were weak

But the thing I’m most sorry about are the three little words that came with no effort or force from my thin pale lips

“I trust you.”

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