It's not Real
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A nightmare world, a friend in danger, and a rude awakening

It's not Real

As if a video game was loading in, the world appeared. No grass, no greenery, just a bare wasteland. A loud roar pierces the air.

Sivia broke into a run, trying to get away from whatever could have made the sound. A small hut comes into view along a hill. Sivia quickly entered the one-room structure and looked around.

"Sivia? Is that you?" A voice whispered she moved toward the sound cautiously. A tall figure looms in front of her, it moves out of the shadow.

"Jace?!? What are you doing here?" Sivia exclaims, taking in the familiar sight of her friend.

They move along, crouching close to the sand. A doorway appears about half a mile in front of them and they break into a run.

Another loud roar freezes them in their tracks, it's right behind them.

"GO!" Jace yelled, shoving Sivia towards the doorway to nothing.

They just about reach the door when it caught them, Sivia turned just as the creature drives a spiked appendage through Jace's chest.

The creature reaches for Sivia and leaves a long gash in her leg as she dives through the door.

SIvia wakes up in a cold sweat, her leg burns, but upon throwing back the covers all that is there is a long scar.

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