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ariiina Community member
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a small poem
mostly about ol' regrets
written in august 2019

a study in color

Full of red flags, but my favorite color is red

And, of course, everything stops seeming so pink, When you stop drinking rose,

But the orange flush of your cheeks in the pale yellow sunlight makes it all a little bit better.

I like green, like your eyes (or like you): A mix between the hypnotizing yellow, the illuminating, jolly yellow And the blues.

I wish I were calm like leaves in a breath of spring,

But I wear a mask of envy.

I lay down, Look up at the sky And I try to see shapes: A dolphin, a giraffe, a better future. I see it in the clouds,

Because it seems so far away.

I wish I became purple: A balance between red's stimulation and the calmness of the sky. I do not have that luxury. I am not royalty.

Last night You wore a crown of violets. You forgave me and then I woke up.

Everything grows darker and darker, Indigo,

The struggle between a need to be loved and a want to be worshipped, Darker and darker,

Because in the end, all we see is black.

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