Stuffie Snow Day
Stuffie Snow Day stuffed animals stories

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Stuffie Snow Day

I rushed out of bed with my two favorite stuffed animals and headed straight for the window. "Mom, look! It really did snow!" I said excitedly. "Can we go out to play?" I asked as I held Patch and Chestnut up. She nodded in response and quickly rushed to my room to grab a coat.

I rushed out the door, my sweet stuffies in hand, and jumped right into the snow. We played all day long. We built snowmen, made snow angels, and even went sledding. Just then I felt an extremely cold snow ball hit the back of my head. I turned to see my dad, another snowball already in his hand. I sat Patch and Chestnut down and swiftly retaliated.

'The Great Snowball Fight' as we called it lasted hours. Finally the sun began to set and my mother called us inside for dinner. My father and I quickly called a truce and raced into the house, longing for a blanket and a hot meal to warm us up after the long day of playing in the freezing snow.

Patch looked over to Chestnut, a huge grin spread across his face. Chestnut looked back and laughed. Today was their first snow day and they loved it. They spent a little more time rolling around in the snow and even having a snowball fight of their own, that is until they realized one crucial detail. Their person hadn't yet come back for them.

Now it wasn't unusual for her to leave them somewhere while she ate, but it had never took them this long to eat and the lights in the house had been cut off. "Uh...Patch, I don't think she's coming back out." Chestnut said worriedly. "Oh of course she will!" He began. "She's never let us down before." He said.

"Well today has been full of surprises." Chestnut said. "And look! The lights are already off. They must have went to bed already, which means we're stuck out here." She said. "That can't be!" Patch exclaimed. "You know she can't sleep without us!" He said. "Well then we need to find a way inside fast." Chestnut remarked.

"Agreed!" Patch declared. "Should we check the door?" He asked. "No. They always lock it." Chestnut stated bluntly. "The windows?" Patch offered. "That might just work!" She exclaimed. "Okay, so we need to get around back..."She said as she looked for a easy path to take. "Here!" Patch shouted. "Good eye" Chestnut noted and followed him over to a big tree next to the house.

They stepped onto the roots of the tree to avoid sinking in the snow that seemed to be falling more and more rapidly. Finally they made it to the backyard, just under their person's window, which was luckily cracked open just a hair. "Great. Now how exactly are we getting up there?" Chestnut asked as she shivered from the cold.

"We improvise, of course!" Patch exclaimed. "And how exactly do we do that?" Chestnut said skeptically. Patched scanned the backyard for anything they could use. "Aha!" He said as he rushed over nearer to the tree. He picked up a tall stick. He approached the window again and stabbed the stick into the ground.

Patch grabbed Chestnut and tossed her onto the window seal, just barely making it. Chestnut quickly grabbed onto the edge to avoid falling. She pulled herself further up onto the window seal and waited for Patch. Patch grabbed hold of the stick and began to shimmy up it. Chestnut stuck out her hoof and helped Patch up onto the window seal.

They silently slipped through the crack and onto the bed. Their person lay there, tossing and turning. She whimpered from somewhere deep in her dreams. It was highly likely she was having a nightmare since she didn't have her friends with her. They slid under the blanket with her, which soon spread a smile across her sleeping face. It was there they laid and there they slept, all three peaceful and exhausted from their snow day.

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