Snow (Wait scratch that) Sleet day
Snow (Wait scratch that) Sleet day sleet stories

ariesgirl06 "Unhand me you turnips"
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For the daily prompt: sleet. Hope you like it! :)

Snow (Wait scratch that) Sleet day

I hurried into my jacket. We didn't get snow often so even the inches of sleet we got overnight excited me. I grabbed an old kiddie table to use as a sled and rushed out the door. "Be careful!" My mother called after me. "Yes ma'am!" I smiled. She had always been rather protective so naturally she was hesitant when I decided I would sled down the steepest hill in town, which just happened to be part of our yard.

I readied my makeshift sled and pushed off. The front pushed threw the layer of iced over sleet and threw me off. I climbed back up the hill and tried again. It almost worked for a second...that is until it didn't. It veered to the right and slammed my knee into the upside down table's leg. I clutched my knee and made a silent vow that I would not go in until I successfully made it down.

I climbed up the hill once more. This time my sled made a quick sharp turn and threw me off. I lay there and let the cold seep into my bones, the wind licking at my face. Suddenly I heard my dad's truck crank up. God I loved that truck. If it could manage to start surely I could manage one pass down the hill. I got up and trudged up the hill, grabbing onto a branch to make sure I didn't slip.

I steadied myself at the top. I sat my knees on the table and grabbed hold of it's legs, taking a moment to ready myself before pushing off. I glided down the hill , gaining speed as I went. I smiled. Sure I couldn't feel anything below my knees but it was worth it. I had finally made a successful pass down the hill. I drug my makeshift sled up the hill and walked inside.

The heat stung my face when I walked in like I knew it would, only now did it seem like a feeling of victory. I took off my shoes, gloves, and jacket. I set in front of the fire place and rubbed my knee which was already beginning to bruise. I heard my dad walk onto the porch. He opened the door. "You've got to see this." He smiled. I grinned. Time to suit up again.

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