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These are some of the quotes I love and yes a lot of them are from Dove Cameron, but I really can't help it. She is just a really inspiring person to me.

Quotes I Love

"I do not want to take away your dream because it was so beautiful and it's why I fell in love with you" - Mal from Descendants 3

"I'm not most people"- Sebastian from Legacies

"Never learned how to count cause i'm number one"- Harry Hook from Descendants

"Girls: Never let anyone tell you not to do something because it's unladylike.' Are you a lady? Congrats. Everything you do is now ladylike."-Dove Cameron

"If you leave people happier, lighter, & laughing when you leave, and still maintain your happiness & stability: you've won the game"-Dove Cameron

"Who I am is important. I will not please others before I please myself."-Dove Cameron

"If you feel the need to change who you are, you are not with the right people."-Dove Cameron

"Love ends to quickly and heartbreaks last to long."-Dove Cameron

"Smile. It intimidates those who wish to destroy you."-Dove Cameron

"Nothing is forever."-Dove Cameron

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