Dear Blue Eyed Boy,
Dear Blue Eyed Boy, #elleseng stories
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ariesgirl06 "Unhand me you turnips"
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A love letter written by my oc- Jamie Sparrow.

Dear Blue Eyed Boy,

Dear Blue Eyed Boy, I couldn't help but notice you were humming one of my favorite sea shanties. I thought I was the only pirate on the Isle. But really I must admit you're quite a catch. I hope you're happy Har, you've got me hooked. You're messy brown hair and ice like blue eyes. And you're voice! Wow...just wow! I just can't believe how perfect you are. I...I think I'm in love with you.

Well there it is- the forbidden L-word. I don't know how this can possibly be! I'm the fiercest on the Isle. How could I have been infected with it? Love is weakness and weakness is why can't I get you out of my head? It's really too bad you'll never get to read this. And too bad we'll never be a thing. I think we could make a mighty fine couple, Hook. Maybe one day.

One day when we're all safe in 'bore-adon' as you call it. Till then I guess I'll be waiting. Waiting by the docks, waiting on the deck of our own ship, waiting at the chip shoppe, always waiting. Waiting for the day when we can be together. Waiting for the day when love is something other than a weakness. Yours truly, one love struck Captain Jamie Sparrow

P.S.~ Actually more of a update but...I'm so glad you read this! I mean talk about a power couple! Harry and Jamie: Running the Isle of the Lost for 4 years straight! Oh how I love you, my blue eyed boy! See you tonight! Xoxo, Jamie

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