Auditions, anybody?
Auditions, anybody? acting stories

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Who wants to join?

Auditions, anybody?

A head strong director teams up with with a temperamental choreographer fresh off the set of Free Dance to turn a group of amateurs into a professional cast for Broadway.

With under 2 months to prepare, what could possibly go wrong?

To audition please choose a role and a unused number. The roles you can audition for are 1. Female lead 2. Male lead 3. Female side characters 4. Male side characters 5. Background characters 6. Pianist 7. Drummer 8. Guitarist

To enter please fill out the following in the comments- I, (full name), would like to audition for the (desired role). Age-(please pick a age 18 or older) Gender- Appearance- (color) hair, (color) eyes Personality- Talents- Love interest- Number-

For example- I, Elizabeth Ray Starcross, would like to audition for the female lead. Age- 22. Gender- female. Appearance- light brown hair, green eyes. Personality- energetic, loyal. Talents- singing, dancing, acting. Love interest- unknown

I will work to get the first day done as soon as i can. It will begin once 10 people have auditioned for each role.

Zander Reins- the choreographer Elizabeth(Liz) Starcross- the director

This is Zander

This is Liz

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