Jad Part 2
Jad Part 2 sciencefiction stories

ariellaruben I write a lot of sci-fi.
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Part 2 of a sci-fi short series. I hope you enjoy!

Jad Part 2

The new Model arrived for a check the day I turned twenty-three.

Our department had the pleasure of naming it, and so Ash, East and I took turns pitching suggestions while on break in the concession room.

"What do you think of Wallace?"

"I don't like it," said East, then adding, "It's too human for a Model."

Ash turned to me. "What do you think?"

"I'm in agreement with East."

East smirked triumphantly, crossed her arms, and leaned back in her seat. "I told you. Now Rio's a name for a machine like that one."

"No way! We're not calling it Rio!"

I ate my food while the girls bickered, and glanced past them out the door. Parallel to where we sat was Lily's private office, in where he was engaged in a novel.

Then, our eyes met.

"Jad!" the girls squealed at once.

My head snapped naturally toward them. The two were all over each other, clasping hands and beaming, satisfied.

"It's perfect!"

"It is!"

I looked back at the office window. Lily had vanished.

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