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Interview with @kirby_cat

Hi! Nice to have you here!

Hi. :3 It's great to great to be here. :3

so, what inspired you to come on commaful?

Well, my first time on here was from my gf showing me her poems here, and then I saw there was so many great things here, so I thought I might try it, and I loved it. <3

Wow! Sounds great!

Thank you. It was. :3

if you got allowance, what do you think would be the ideal amount and why?

Well, it all depends on the work. If it's house chores and things then no allowance because you help dirty the place and live there, but work like with a job would be you get paid for by the worth of what you work.

wow! that's great! What is the grossest thing you can think of?

Hmm. That's not easy to say because what's gross to one person could be beautiful to another. I actually try to see the beauty in everything. :3

that's so nice!

Also so true. UwU

what's your favorite subject?

In school?

well, yes, but just like, in general, math, writing, english, language arts

Well, art, thetre, music, and creative ones are a few of my favorites. I also like almost every class though. So I'm not the best at favorites. X3 I'm weird. <:3

cool, those are great subjects and i have just one last question

What's that? :3

what is your favorite color? it could be mixes or just rainbow

I love every color. OwO Well, yellow is not so much of a favorite because it hurts my eyes sometimes, but I'm more of the cool colors like blue, green, and purple, also pink though, but I love every color.

those are great colors!

They are all great. UwU

i guess that brings our interview to a close! thank you for coming

Thank you for having me, it was really fun. :3

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