Interview with @cloudy_flame
Interview with @cloudy_flame interview stories

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Interview with @cloudy_flame

Hi! Nice to have you here

Glad to be here

so, what inspired you to come on commaful?

My passion for writing- especially poetry. When I got on commaful, It felt right. I had never had a place to just write, but now I do!

Good answer! If you could do one thing that's impossible or have one super power what would it be?

Flying, or time traveling.

and why is that?

Well, time traveling because I would be able to avoid pretty much any problem, and flying because.. I dunno. It would become I guess XD

cool, lol what is your happiest memory as a kid?

Well, my grandparents live in San Diego and every few months we would go there with my cousins for a couple weeks, and they lived in this big, old, homey house and we would go to the beach, and it was always really fun.

Sounds like tons of fun! What would one word to describe you be?

Creative. I love all arts, and I love going places and exploring

Sounds like you are tons of fun to hang out with! Especially if you like adventure If you could be ANY animal, what would you be and why?

a dog! I have a dog, so I would be able t understand him more and help him :)

Wow! You read my mind! I love dogs too!


and last question, what is your favorite thing to do?

Write poetry!

ok, and i do know that i ask this question a LOT but, why do you like to do that? lol

Because I can express myself- and because its an excuse to continuously rhyme!

Haha, Very true, lol I guess that concludes our interview for today, thank you for coming

Thanks for having me!

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