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ariellap What's your wifi password?
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Advice Coulumn @inkphoenix

Dear @ariellap, There's a group of boys at my school that I am convinced want to make my world crap. They call me names and shoot down my style and other things. I grin and bare it most of the time, but it gets really hard somedays. I'm happy with the way I am, but with those boys negitive comments in my head, I can say it's influenced me slightly. I want revenge, but I know that is almost never the answer. What should I do? -A dying Flame

Dear dying flame, I'm sorry to hear that is happening to you so here's my advice for you. It's great that you were able to ignore the boys and I do think that you should still ignore them, they may get bored seeing that you are giving no reaction but if it does keep happening my advice is to stand up for yourself, not with violence but words can get a long way.

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