I Am Who I am Cause Y'am
I Am Who I am Cause Y'am feelings stories

arieljones I just gotta get it out, ya know?
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For all us people pleasers out there....

I Am Who I am Cause Y'am

Just because I don't talk about it doesn't mean I don't care.

Really what it means is that I am 100% scared

Of what you think of me.

Really I care a whole hell-of-a lot

It's not that I think that's not obvious

(People pleasers, you know we can be wholly obnoxious)

But I think I might be a Sociopath of Love secretly.

I say that because I use information I glean

To force you to feel happy and to like me.

While on the inside I keep

A person you might not think.

I have more opinions intrinsic

To my own human experience.

I don't think I'm bad or evil.

But there's no doubt my agenda is real.

Underneath all of it, though

I just want everyone to know

That it's ok to be different,

To feel.

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