The Murder Story of Bella Mason (Stuck in the Wind) By: Ariana Borden
The Murder Story of Bella Mason (Stuck in the Wind)

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It's about a girl who likes a guy named Daniel Seavey and they hear a gunshot. Read the story to find out what happens next.

The Murder Story of Bella Mason (Stuck in the Wind) By: Ariana Borden

Prologue: Sometimes we see things that aren’t there. Maybe we see things that are there but don’t feel real. It’s part of life. Sometimes being a schizophrenic isn’t so sweet. I think that maybe being in a world so cruel and harsh can be a bit....

too catastrophic to deal with. All the people telling you who to be, what to be and how to act. I, for one, can’t stand being alive sometimes but I stay alive anyways. Some people cope with stress by jamming out to music, singing their favourite tune, dancing to the beat of their favourite tune, being on a sports team and many more things. In the end, don’t we all feel something.

Some showcase a bit of numbness and hide their emotions. Others tend to showcase their emotions because they aren’t afraid of what will happen. Anyways, enough about me, let’s get on to the story.

Chapter One: Her Audacity If I even thought of doing anything other than writing down my thoughts, I might as well just be someone else, like Kelsea Arnold. She’s the captain of the cheerleading squad and she’s dating Brayden Jesse. They’re the “it” couple of the school. Such a drag in my opinion. They always look so happy but I have my eye’s on Daniel, Daniel Sinclair.

He’s the marching band Trumpet player and the lead singer in Purely Electric Blue. I’m just a classical French Horn player and singer in Bring Me The Hearts. We are similar but different. He has beautiful blue eyes and his vocals are so smooth. “Hello Angela,” I said. “I have a bone to pick with you,” said Angela. Angela Khan is my all time best friend. She’s dating Tony Peters, the lead Guitarist in Another Pop December.

That’s another boy band at our school. Sports aren’t the only thing that is important here. I said,”Spill the beans.” “Why were you checking out Daniel Sinclair in Math class yesterday? He’s my boyfriend’s worst enemy, which makes him our worst enemy,” says Angela. “Because he’s so hot and just because he’s your boyfriend’s enemy doesn’t mean he’s MY enemy,” I replied. “Girl, you need to stop crushing on Daniel,” Angela implied.

As Daniel walked toward me, I looked away. “Hi, I know this is super random but I was wondering if you wanted to help me with my precalculus homework. I really suck at it and I’d love your help,” Daniel said. I can’t believe my crush asked for my help! “Yeah, I can help. When were you thinking we could work together,” I asked. “Tonight, my place,” Daniel asked.

“Yes, of course. It’s not like I’m busy,” I replied. “Sweet, can’t wait. You can see me and the boys rehearse our songs,” said Daniel. “Wonderful, super siked,” I responded. Daniel walked away happily and then Angela said,”Did Daniel just ask you to tutor him at his place?” I said,”Apparently he did. I’m super excited.” Angela said,”You should be, don’t flirt with the enemy though.” “Got it,” I replied.

Angela has the audacity to tell me not to flirt with my crush, not that I’d be any good at it but that’s not the point, I don’t take pointers from a girl who is capable of so much more than she shows. It’s that boyfriend of hers that makes her act like a dumb blonde. Anywho, It’s time for English class, my all time favourite class. If i’m being honest, I’d rather watch Sting videos on youtube right now.

That’s what I do after school every day. I watch Sting videos and admire how amazing he is because that’s what daughters like me do. I also listen to Purely Electric Blue and write songs of my own for Bring Me The Hearts. I think I’m good at writing music though. By the way, I'm Sting's daughter, Ariana.

Chapter Two: In English As I’m sitting here in english class, Bella threw a piece of gum into my hair. She really is getting on my nerves but I don’t get why she bullies me. I have done nothing wrong to her. I raised my hand and said,”Can I go to the bathroom, Mrs.Ellenwood?” She replied,”Sure.” I saw Daniel but I didn’t say anything.

“Hey, what are you doing out of class,” Daniel asked. As I stopped to reply, I said,”I have to try and get gum out of my hair.” “How’d that happen,” Daniel asked. I said,”Bella.” Daniel said,”She can be so mean sometimes. She’s so mean to my little sister.” I replied,”I know.” Daniel said,”I’m super excited to hang out with you, I have been dying to hang out with you.” I replied by saying,”Really?”

Daniel said,”Yes, you are so amazing and super cool, even if people don’t notice it.” I replied,”you think so?” Daniel said,”Yes.” I said,”I didn’t think you would think I’m cool.” Daniel says,”Well I do and I gotta get back to class, bye.” I replied,”Bye.” I walked to the bathroom and then cleaned the gum out of my hair. It took about twenty minutes. I walked back to class and then left because the bell rang.

Chapter Three: A Little Memo I texted my dad during lunch asking him if I could go over Daniel’s house to help him with his homework and watch his band rehearse. My father insisted I get home by five thirty because of our night out with my sibling’s and my stepmom. I told him that’d be fine. My dad said that if I was home a minute late that I’d be in big trouble.

I do understand and always respect his wishes. I just wish he wasn’t so strict with me. He’s not like that with Gracie nor Garrett and Steven. It’s kind of a bit much but I’m the youngest though. Anyways, I have no reason to be mad but I’m hoping Daniel and I click because I like him so much.

Chapter Four: School's out Finally, School is out. I met Daniel near the biology lab. “I can only stay at your place until five fifteen because of my dad,” I said. “That’s fine, I don’t plan to keep you long. I’ll take you home at five just so we can talk more,” replied Daniel. “Okay, cool,” I said. We walked to his house. It’s not too far from my house.

My dad kept checking up on me, asking if I was okay and what I was up too and stuff. It’s not like I could ignore him but I told him everything is okay and that we are studying. He worries too much and that’s fine but irritating too. It’s not like I can just be mean to him for no reason. He has a reason to be overprotective and what not. I just am not super fond of it. That’s the problem, only if we met halfway about stuff like that.

He’s just showing he cares about me and doesn’t want something bad to happen to me, that’s all and I love my dad for that. He was also a wrestler too so he’s willing to protect me at almost all costs. The only thing that gets a bit much about him is the fact that he loves discussing his career and how good it was and I did so much research about my dad just to see why he loves it so much.

I learned a lot but enough about my dad and me. Daniel says,”My parents aren’t home right now, there at work though.” I said,”Cool, just keep in mind that my dad is extremely overprotective.” Daniel replied,”How does that feel?” I said,”Kind of a bit much.” Daniel said,”Dang.”

Chapter Five: Ice Breaker “So, what page do you need help with,” I asked. “I don’t actually need help with precalculus,” Daniel said. “Oh,” I said in a questionable tone. “I like you, Ariana,” said Daniel. “I like you too but you know we can’t date,” I said. At that moment I found out that my crush liked me back. I was practically speechless but we couldn’t date because of my dad.

He wouldn’t allow me to date a singer in a band. Especially a guy like Daniel. “I know but we can try,” Daniel replied. “We just can’t, my dad is strict like that. My dad is kind of a big deal,” I implied. “I get that but I want to be with you. I mean it too. I’ve liked you since the eighth grade,” said Daniel. I honestly wanted to keep my thoughts and words to myself because I knew I was blowing it but I came up with a solution.

“What if I discuss it with my dad and see what he says,” I asked. “Talk to him and let me know how he feels and what he says,” said Daniel.

Chapter Six: Purely Electric I was truly scared to meet his band because I idolize Purely Electric Blue but I was more scared of my dad’s reaction to me mentioning Daniel wanting to date me. “This is Purely Electric Blue, well two fifths of us,” said Daniel. “Wow, it’s an honor to meet you Jonah,” I said. “Same to you, although you shouldn’t be backing vocals for Bring Me The Heart,” said Jonah.

“I truly agree,” said Daniel. “What are you two implying,” I asked. “We think you should be our female singer,” said Jonah. “I’d be honored but I can’t just leave Bring me the heart,” I replied. “Why not,” asked Jonah. “Because my best friend is in the group and she’d be mad,” I replied. “So what,” said Jonah. “I care about Angela and I can’t betray her,” I said. “She’s going to get over it,” said Daniel. “

“I need to think about it but I have to leave,” I replied. I rushed to leave because I couldn’t handle all this news and stuff. I needed a moment to breathe.

Chapter Seven: It's Showtime It’s showtime. The moment I walk through that door I’m going to have to mention the things that can get me grounded. I’m not siked. I walked into the door. “You’re home early,” said Sting. “I know,” I replied. “What happened,” asked Sting. “Daniel wants me to be the lead female singer in Purely Electric Blue,” I said.

“That’s it? It seems like you have more to say then what you’re leading on,” replied Sting. “Daniel also asked me out,” I said in a nervous tone. “He what,” Sting said in a louder tone. “He asked me out, can’t you meet me halfway for once. I like Daniel and he likes me,” I said in a stressed tone. “No, I can’t. You shouldn’t be dating someone in a band,” Sting insisted. “Why not,” I said in a rude tone.

“Don’t give me that tone, Ariana,”Sting said as he raised his voice. “Why not,” I said. “Ariana Marie Borden,” said Sting in an angry voice. “Ugh,” I replied and went up to my room. I called my mom and talked to her. We talked about me moving in with her and the household issues. “Ariana, let’s go,” said Sting. “Okay,” I said as I ran downstairs.

Chapter Eight: Memo I’m purposely skipping the story of what happened at the dinner because I can give you the nutshell. I told everyone in the family about Daniel. My dad wasn’t fond of that. Steven and Garrett got a bit protective. Gracie and Sabrine were super happy about it though. I also mentioned the band thing. Sabrine asked about the band I’m in right now and...

I honestly shouldn’t be a background singer. I need to be the lead vocalist. Steven mentioned my horn and I told him not to worry because that’s under control. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my siblings. They have taught me so much. Anywho, that’s what happened.

Chapter Nine: The Night I spent my whole night thinking about what would happen if I told Angela that I’m working with Purely Electric Blue and leaving Bring Me The Heart. I was thinking about Daniel too. I don’t know why my dad won’t let me date Daniel. At least he and I should get to know each other and he could meet my dad then think about if we can be allowed to date each other.

My dad should be so reasonable and not so strict. What I’d give to have non-strict parents. Anyways, I might truly be considering leaving Bring Me The Heart. It’s my choice and I’m sick of being treated like a waste of vocals. Angela gives me no solos and it’s messed up. So not fair too. It’s like Angela doesn’t care about me. That’s what sucks.

Chapter Ten: Twelve Days Over the span of twelve days, Daniel and I spent everyday after school together. Weekends we couldn’t hang out because of my dad but even then we texted all the time. I learned a lot about him. For example, he knows how to play cello and guitar. He learned that I can do bird calls and sing a high range.

It’s been a blissful twelve days but now I’m grounded for five days because I wore a semi-short skirt. It’s not like I did it on purpose, I wore it because my mom sent it to me as a gift. Sting can be a good father but a strict parent with good reason though. I’ve kinda avoided Angela but soon I’ll be telling my dad about Daniel and I.

I’m hoping he won’t care though.

Chapter Eleven: Close I finally decided to tell my dad that Daniel and I are kind of dating. Sting did meet Daniel and he seemed to like him. I can’t tell my dad yet though. I walk into school and Daniel says, “Meet me near the Biology lab after the game tonight. You’re still going right,” asked Daniel.

“Of course I’m going and I will,” I replied. “Sweet,” Daniel said. I texted my dad asking if I can still go to the game. He said yes because Purely Electric Blue is performing and I’m officially a part of Purely Electric Blue. I wanted Angela to find out at the prep rally. Angela said,”you’ve been avoiding me, why’s that?” Oh no, what do I say. “I’m sorry, I’ve been spending so much time with Daniel,” I said.

“Oh, we aren’t performing at the prep rally this year because of Purely Electric Blue,” said Angela. “Oh, what a bummer,” I said. I’m the reason Purely Electric Blue is performing and not Bring Me The Heart. I pulled some strings. “It sucks not performing this year,” said Angela. “I know,” I expressed. I clearly didn’t care but I pretended to. That’s what I do.

Chapter Twelve: Electric It’s prep rally night and I’m nervous. For the first time. My dad is in the crowd on facetime with my mom. That might be why I’m nervous. I usually don’t get nervous. We all walk up on the stage and I see Angela’s jaw drop. She looked mad. I didn’t care, this feeling is so electric. You can feel the crowd’s pride and energy.

We performed Harmony is you. It’s a song we all worked on in the span of five days. I felt the crowd while I was singing my solo. They loved it and my dad did too. I saw him smile and it made me so happy. After the performance Angela came up to me. “You really played me,” she said.

“Correct, like a fiddle,” I said. “So clever. You could have told me you're leaving the group,” said Angela. “If I would have told you, you would have gotten mad,” I explained. “I wouldn’t have,” said Angela. “I gotta go,” I said. I left and walked to my dad. “I’m proud of you,” he said. “Aww that means the world,” I said.

“When do you want me to pick you up,” he asked. “Don’t, I’ll walk home tonight with Daniel, Is that okay,” I asked. “Sure, just don’t be late,” he said.

Chapter Thirteen: Official I walked to the Biology lab and saw Daniel holding flowers and a bracelet. I’ll admit, I was nervous. “Hey, I’ve been waiting,” said Daniel. “I didn’t mean to keep you waiting, I had to talk to my dad,” I said. “That’s okay,” he said. He got down on one knee and said,”I know we’ve been together for less than a month but I wanted to make us official. I hate not being official.”

I said,”I’d love to be your girl, baby” He said,”Great, let’s hang here for a bit longer.” We did but what was about to happen was scary.

Chapter Fourteen: Gunshot We were talking for hours and then we heard a gunshot and a scream. We didn’t see what happened though. I hugged Daniel because I was Scared. We decided to walk home and never speak of the shot until the next day we heard Bella Mason got murdered behind the bleachers.

Apparently, She was drugged and shot. A nasty double whammy. The cops said they are going to question people. Bella was known for exposing people and bullying. Many people had a motive to kill her. Not me though.

Chapter Fifteen: Popettes The first person to be interviewed was Kelsea Arnold. I knew exactly what was asked and answered because I have connections. Detective asked,”Did you hate or dislike Bella?” Kelsea said,”I loved Bella, She was a baddie. She shaped me into the woman I am. So, no, I never hated her.” “Not even when she exposed you for kissing a girl,” asked the detective.

“Maybe a little but that’s not a good enough reason for me to kill her,” explained Kelsea. “Where were you the night of the murder,” asked the cop. “I was on the Football field,” said kelsea. “Can anyone verify,”asked the cop. “Yes, Kiriana Justin and Lenna Resse,” replied Kelsea. “What were you doing on the Football field,” asked the detective. “Doing cheerleading stuff,” said Kelsea

“Did you see or hear anything out of the ordinary,”asked the cop. “Yes, I heard a gunshot, a scream and I saw three figures behind the bleachers at the fifty yard line,” explained Kelsea. Kelsea walked out the door. It was Lenna’s turn. He asked Lenna the same question. She replied,” Nope, not at all. She and I were close. She just almost exposed Brayden and mine’s kiss.”

He asked what she was doing that night. She said,”I was doing cheerleading.” He asked who can verify. She responded,”Kelsea Arnold and Kiriana Justin.” He asked where she was. She said,” The football field.” He asked what she heard. She implied,”A scream, gunshot but I didn’t see anything because I was on the phone with my mom.” He told her to have a nice day. She left the room.

Time for Kiriana's turn. He asked where she was. Kiriana said,”The football field.” He asked what she was doing. She replied,”Practicing cheerleading.” He asked who can verify. She said,”Kelsea Arnold and Lenna Resse.” He asked if she hated her. Kiriana disliked Bella. Kiriana replied,”She exposed my nudes last year but I didn’t hate her, just strongly disliked.”

He asked what she heard and saw. She said,”Three figures behind the bleachers and a scream followed by a gunshot.” He said thank you and then Kiriana left the room with sass.

Chapter Sixteen: T&A Tony and Angela were up because they walked by when it happened. The cop asked Tony if he hated Bella. Tony replied,”She was a mean girl, man.” Then he asked what he was doing. He said,”I was taking a romantic walk with Angie.” The detective asked where he was.

He replied,”Walking past the School.” The cop asked who could verify that he was there. He said,”Angela Khan.” He asked what he heard and saw. He said,”I didn’t see shit but I heard a gunshot and scream.” The cop said thanks and Tony left the room vigorously. Angela’s turn. The cop asked where she was.

She said,”Walking by the school. Can I just tell you the whole story of what i saw and shit?” The cop said,”sure.” “I was taking a nice walk with Tony Peters when I heard the gunshot and scream but I couldn’t see anything and I didn’t even know Bella.” The cop said thank you and she left the room. I knew they didn’t do it because the alibi’s check out.

Chapter Seventeen: No! The cops overheard Bryan and Brayden talking. Bryan said that he wanted to confess to being an accessory to murder. Brayden wouldn’t let him do the right thing because he didn’t want to go straight to jail. He needed to go to college.

Bryan explained that he wanted to confess because he felt bad but Brayden didn’t care. It’s kind of messed up that Brayden was willing to protect himself over anything. So selfish to be honest. He should be thinking about Bella’s family. That’s why I wrote her obituary because besides all the shit she’s done, she was an amazing person.

Chapter Eighteen: Discussion The cops decided to wait until after they questioned Daniel and I before they questioned Bryan and Brayden. They wanted the feeling to soak in. Ya know? The sorrow, guilt and remorse. They do that sometimes. They like to let it soak and saturate. It’s a cop’s specialty. That’s so cool that they do that.

Chapter Nineteen: A&D It’s Daniel and my turn for questioning. So siked to be honest. I went first. He asked if I knew her. I said,” Yes, she bullied me but I knew she had a good heart deep down.” He asked where I was, who I was with and what I was doing. I replied,”I was near the biology lab with Daniel. We were making our relationship official.” He asked what I heard and saw.

I said,” I saw nothing but I heard a scream and gunshot.” He said thanks for the cooperation. I left the room and hugged Daniel. It’s his turn. The cop asked if he disliked Bella. He replied,”Bella was mean to my sister and broke my guitar, man.” He then asked where and what he was doing.

Daniel replied,”I was in the school near the Biology lab making Ariana and my relationship with her official.” The cop asked who he was with. He went on to say,”My girlfriend, Ariana Borden.” The cop then asked if he knew Bryan and Brayden.

Daniel said,”yes, Kelsea’s brother and the captain of the football team, kelsea’s boyfriend.” The cop told him that his information will be valuable. Daniel left the room and hugged me.

Chapter Twenty: Bryan Bryan asked if he could confess. The cop said,”Yes.” Bryan replied,” I hated Bella. She was gonna expose a video of me singing an Ariana Grande song. She threatened to post it if I didn’t date her for two weeks. I didn’t even love her. She was planning on blackmailing me and Brayden. It was supposed to be a prank.

We were under the bleachers near the fifty yard line because she was there. I put the Oxycodone in her mouth to make it look like she had an Oxy overdose. I didn’t mean to help kill her. Brayden shot her. Not me.” The cop said,” It didn’t take long to get you to crack.” Bryan got arrested.

Chapter Twenty-one: Brayden Brayden didn’t crack so easily. Instead, he lied over and over. The cops got sick of it and decided to pull out a gun. Proving he killed her. Then he confessed. He said,”Okay, okay, I shot her. I cheated on Kelsea with Lenna and Bella saw it and got a picture of it. She said she’d post it if I didn’t tell Kelsea. I didn’t want kelsea to find out.

I decided that Bella had to go. I shot her but I didn’t mean to. It was an accident.” The cop told him that he knew he’d crack. Brayden got arrested and went to jail.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Told I decided to tell my dad about Daniel and I. “Dad, I have something to tell you,” I said. He asked,”what?” I replied,” Daniel and I are official. Is that okay?” He said, “Honey, it’s fine. You’re a big girl now but if he hurts you, he’ll be gone.” I’m surprised he’s okay with it. It’s a shock. “Thanks, Dad,” I said. I called Daniel and told him. He was so happy. He was excited.

Epilogue: In the end, Brayden got life in prison and Bryan got twenty years. Daniel and I got engaged four years later. Purely Electric Blue became popular and we went on tours and all. Angela and Tony split. It didn’t work out. Kelsea’s reputation dropped down real fast.

In addition, My dad and I got even closer. I even got closer with Sabrine too. She’s amazing to be honest. The grudge was for nothing. The world might be cruel but it’s bearable.

Author's Note: I worked on this book/story while listening to “Bubblegum Bitch” by Marina and the Diamonds. I stayed up all night. It took a couple hours. I hope you guys see why it’s a loving romantic murder story.

To end off this book/story, I’d love to say thank you for just getting to the end of the book/story. Remember that people aren’t perfect and parents are the way they are to protect you and teach you! :)

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