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The cycle of acceptance

A Leaf

The sun rises to greet me on a early, bright morning. It’s rays graze my face. I can see all the treetops as I dangle from the edge of my branch.

The whole forest glimmers with life as a slight breeze cuts through the summer’s heat. The time has finally come for me to change my shade!

From green to gold I burst forth an autumn's gem. The blanket of treetops seems to be thinning. Another sunrise comes but this one is earlier than the rest.

I greet the day but the trees are bare. I feel the cold. A harsh wind blows and takes me away. Spinning and tumbling I’m dazed and confused. I can’t recognize anything around me. I flutter and spin as I approach the ground.

I catch a branch but not for long as another gust keeps me tumbling down. I sway back and forth and finally reach the bottom. Only to land on a creek frozen solid.

I sit there alone, in the cold, and stare at the grey tone sky. Unsure of what I can do way down here.

Then through the branches I feel the sun. The surface under me begins to melt. I feel the ice turn to water and embrace me as its own. The rain falls and fills the ground.

I float with the current never missing a beat. Along for the ride I glide on the water’s surface, content.

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