Will I ever be able to?
Will I ever be able to? heartache stories

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I want to tell her. But my anxiety stops me. And her happiness comes before my love confession

Will I ever be able to?

I think of her optimism,

and it makes me smile.

But also makes me cry,

because I miss her

when you don't respond.

My heart aches to tell her.

But my gut tells me no.

I want to give in to my heart.

But my logic,

tells me she's happy the way things are.

The Boy in me is nervous around her.

The Man inside wants to say it.

But my past self forbids me to say it, because I will never be loved.

And i only want to be loved by her.

But I know deep inside,

she's happy.

I'd set aside my love for her,

because she is happy in love.

And I'll just sit in the bleachers.

watching her walk away.

she pulls me in,

like a sailor pulling in an anchor.


I will muster the courage to tell her.

When I figure out how.

when the time is right.

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