Why is the Sun crying?
Why is the Sun crying? the sun stories

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the sun is crying, hiding his pain behind thick dark clouds. but why?

Why is the Sun crying?

The skies grey with apathy.

It feels sad outside.

Sitting by a window, looking outside.

to see the rain pouring out of the sky.

its pains me,

to see the sky is crying.

The sun has burrowed in the clouds.

Is he crying,

because he mourns the moon's love?

Is he crying,

because he feels like giving up?

Is he crying, because he is tired of lighting up the sky?

his burden weighs heavy upon his heart?

Is he crying, because he is in agonizing pain?

because his heart hurts

It makes me sad too,

Because I know how he feels.

The Sun does have a dark side.

when it rains, and he wants to burrow behind the clouds.

And shed his tears upon the earth,

to express his sadness.

It could be many reasons.

That we may never know.

But all I know,

is that he is sad.

I am the crying sun.

I want to give up.

I'm tired of holding up everyone's weight, barely holding my own.

there's no one, to help life my burden's. I am expected to carry.

The sun mourns for her love, as I do too.

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