Toxic Society.
Toxic Society. sad stories

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curiosity didn't kill the cat...society did.

Toxic Society.

Nothing Makes me smile anymore.

The Mask hides my pain.

My mask hides my sadness.

My trauma,

My fear.

The empty hole in my heart.

My tears.

I don't want them to see.

That I am dying inside.

The music is my only friend.

my imagination is my only escape from the toxic world around me.

From the people who kick me down.

I close my eyes, every night.

Only to be haunted by my past.

I cannot open my eyes,

without being haunted by the present.

I cannot look towards the future without seeing the pain,

I see my dreadful life ahead of me.

My Past Hates me,

My Present Hates me,

My Future even hates me.

None of them

want me to belong.

None of them,

thinks I am worthy of life.

Because all three of them bear bad things.

Never good.

Not a single soul in this world,

would turn their head,

when a gunshot rings out.

I know it.

I feel it.

But why am I here?

they all reject me.

Kick me to the ground?

so what's life then?

Tell me,

what do I have to offer to society.

who has the highest expectations of what a person should be.

This life is fucking stupid.

And everyone wonders why the blade is my saving grace.

Curiosity didn't kill the cat....

society did.

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