These Are My Pets
These Are My Pets pets stories

ari_korn_03 I'm brOKen, but I will just keep swiming
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my pets

These Are My Pets

my fluffy (and scaly) pets LOL.

Dis is my fat tailed leopard gecko. She's is albino, and blind. Her name is baby girl...which I don't know why.

Dis is da Bella. She jumps so high like up to your waist, and she's so small. And she's is a belly hooker. All she wants is bellyrubs. buts she cute.

JACK! My big fluffy baby boy. I'm stealing him when I move out LOL. Thats me petting him, not choking him I promise. and knows how to shake ur hand, give high five's, and fistbumps.

I got these from my sister, she sent me an email in spam. "Check ur Spam bro!" But she is in spam, because I receive pictures like MoMo, and Pointless emoji's.

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