The Hourglass
The Hourglass dark stories

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alone. lonely. don't belong: Warning triggering to some maybe.

The Hourglass

My candle is dim.

My heart is heavy.

The sun has burned out.

The sand is running out.

My eyelids are heavy.

from the meds.

My eyes are dry as a desert.

My hands are cold

from the blade's sharp point.

The blood runs down my fingers,

hot and mesmerizing.

My head feels light.

dizzy. I sit on the bed.

Numb; Unafraid.


The hourglass has run out of sand.

The clock has stopped ticking.

Memories are fading away.

slowly. I'm fading out fast.

My heartbeat slowing down.

Everything is becoming blurry.

And I lay back on the bed.

Feeling Nothing,

As I fall away from the world

into a quiet abyss.

Away from the Pain they put me through.

Away from the tears,

and Endless Agony

Away from their wrath.

Away. From. The . World. I. Don't. Belong. In.

Where no one wanted me, ever.

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