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the end of the world

The end

I stand upon the tallest building

all around destruction and death

tears in my eyes,

as the world's turning to ash.

I look in her eyes,

and my heart skips a beat.

We're scared,

It's just you and me left,

we don't know how long it'll be before

the flame reaches us.

she looks back at me,

tears in her eyes

"I don't want to lose you." she whispered.

And I cannot hold it together no longer.

My arm extended out, and pulls her in my arms.

the scent of vanilla filling my nostrils.

she places her hands on my face.

And kisses me deeply.

Like it was goodbye.

my arms tighten around her.

As I see the flame surrounding us.

I want to shield her from the pain.

"I love you" I choked out.

Her arms wrap around my neck.

And she kisses me again.

"i love you too." She whispers, as silent tears roll down her cheeks.

We stand there,

in each other's embrace,

forgetting the world coming to an end.

And spend those minutes with each other.

* inspiration from billie Eilishs' song "The end of the world"

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