Sucked into Oblivion:
Sucked into Oblivion: fear stories

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One minute, and everything changed.

Sucked into Oblivion:

One minute,

and everything changed.

I was calm,

laying on my bed.

Listening to the silence.



an eerie whisper,

snapped me back to the moment.

my ears tingled.

and the mysterious whispers, increased in volume.

An eerie laughter, quiet.

filles my ears.

chilling to the bone.

I sit up quickly.

my heart rate increasing.

"Who's there?" I whisper.

I feel my right hand twitch,

As I know someone is there.

a dark figure lunged at me.

And I toppled of the bed.

Instead of landing on the floor.

I am falling into a vast dark ocean.

I crash into the ocean.

and my breath catches in my throat

And my heart triples in beats.

I open my mouth for air.

But all I get is salty water.

Dark hands,

pull me down.

to the ocean floor.

I attempt to fight for my life.

But I am to weak.

I can barely breathe.

water fills my lungs.

And I want someone to help.

But no one is there.

soon, I can see nothing,

but a blue vast ocean.

All around

a hole in the ocean floor opens up,

like a black hole.

like oblivion.

I grasp my throat.

begging for air.

as I am sucked into suffocating eternal oblivion.

where I will be forgotten.

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