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original creepypasta character made by me, along with picture. Thanks to google drawings.

Stitchface Skylar

17 year old male Skylar walked into his apartment after school, and did not expect what was going to happen. His Mother stood at the door, her hand upraised, as she slapped him.

He felt his face go slightly numb. And he tasted blood on his tongue. She's drunk again. He thought. He closed the door. And put his emotional barrier up.

She sat down on the couch and hiccuped as she took a big drink of her rum. "You know, you're father didn't want you." She said. "He didn't want you because he knew how bad of a child you'd be.

I wish I would've known then too." She added, laying back on the couch. He walked back to his room, and closed his door. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he felt the barrier come down.

There was a pounding on his door. "Open up!" She yelled. He quickly wiped his tears on his sleeve and opened the door. "Well it's true. So stop crying. You and I both know it.

" She said, raising her hand to slap him again. He held back his tears, and anything that kept him from running.

-A day later-

It was a cool cloudy day, and it smelled like it was going to rain outside.

The sun was barely peeking out of the clouds, so Skylar didn't have to shield his eyes, also because of his hair he didn't have to shield his eyes.

Skylar was an average 5'7 skinny boy, with hair that he didn't want to cut, and snapback hat and a skateboard.

A blue and grey flannel, Although the wind decreased the temperature outside, causing him to shudder, the flannel didn't help.

But he wasn't going to be caught complaining in front of his friend, Alex. Skylar was walking down the old street of pine. A line of older houses towering over them. Shades drawn shut.

Well except this one house. The sight of the house made his hands clammy all over. It was one that you just had a bad feeling about.

But knowing Alex, he'd want to go explore the old creepy house. Which made him shudder deep in his bones. Alex looked at him with a mischievous grin on his face.

"You know what we should do?" Alex asked. "What." I replied crossing my arms. "We should go explore that old house. It would be an adventure!" Alex said excitedly. "I really don't want to.

" I said, looking down at my converse.

"C'mon. What could possibly be in there? A group of distorted Psychopath killers?" Alex said giving him the look of 'he had to'.

"Fine, Whatever. "Skylar mumbled, stopping in front of the sidewalk that lead up to the house. At the same time, he didn't want to go into the house. As much as his gut told him. He ignored it.

The sky was darkening even more, and Skylar felt raindrops dripped onto his face as he looked up. "C'mon, Skylar. We don't have all day to just stand here and stare at the sky.

" Alex said going into a boredom pose. I inhaled a breath of please save me from this wretched terrifying house. He began to walk up the sidewalk, and up the stairs.

He stepped upon the first step, inhaling a deep sharp breath and holding it. Nothing happened. He took a breath of relief.

He stepped on the second step much less careful, and heard a loud creak through his ears, and his foot fell though. He pulled his foot out, quickly running up the steps to the house.

He pushed on the door and it creaked open. He peered into the vast darkness unsure of what was behind the door.

He stepped inside the house, curiosity taking over his instincts, his gut still telling him to get out. He looked deeper into the house and stayed where he was.

The darkness seemed to be holding him hostage, and the light faded away.

An old man cowering, with a needle and thread, shoved his needle with the black thread into his lips, and began to sew them shut I tried to scream but the old man held him against the wall.

I fell to the ground, feeling the blood trickle down my chin. All I remembered was that I was looking into the towering faceless creature with a checkered tie, black suit.

and tendrils coming out of his back. The creature grabbed my feet out from under me, holding me hostage. The blood rushed to my brain, causing me to pass out.

All I heard was the yelling voice of Alex, as he called for me.

When Skylar woke up, He was on a couch. The world was all just a blurry mess. It was semi light all around. And there were figures standing around. What is this a cult? He thought.

His hands went to his mouth, where it was paining him. Thick thread, stitched into Skylar's mouth. He tried to speak in his throat, but not a thing came out.. No one could hear him.

He began to go into a panic that seemed to never end. His chest heaved up and down, and he began to shake. He was able to see everyone around him. All somehow distorted in their own way.

Skylar sat up from the bed. And looked around. There was a man with an extremely pale face, a carved smile and with a bloody white hoodie, knife in hand.

His eyes were ones That he could not forget. His name Jeff the killer.

A faceless creature, with tendrils coming out of his back, and a checkered tie, and a black suit, who's name was Slenderman.

A Boy with shaggy hair, goggles over his eyes, and a mask covering his mouth. And a hatchet in hand, his name Ticci Toby.

Then a boy with a blue mask covering his face, and black oozing out of the eyeholes. He could not see the eyes. His name Eyeless Jack. "What is your name?" Jeff asked, crossing his arms.

A piece of paper was given to him with a pen, and he wrote down his name. "Stitchface skylar. Welcome to the psychopath group. He introduced everyone who either waved or gave him a thumbs up.

He picked up a piece of paper and wrote down "where am I?"

"You are in our house. Far away from the one house that hurt you. I'm sorry about what happened. It seems we cannot get the thread out. Must be enchanted.

But we do have to keep moving because, your friend will report you missing. So we have to go." Jeff said. I stepped back in protest. I held up my finger, and thought myself for a moment.

I could get back at the one person who made me the person I am, the emotional little boy, who was not welcomed anywhere in this world. But with this group of people, he felt belonging.

Like he had found his place in the world. He struggled to find his place with sex, drugs, and anything he could ever think of. But no he had not thought of killing.

He could rid of his mother once and for all. The urge to dispose of her, filled his mind, and he couldn't think of nothing else then.

He pulled out his phone, and went to google translate, and typed in english and played what he was going to say out loud. "I want to go to 114 east ash. There is someone I must rid of.

As they drove, in a big company van. They were riding in the back. Eyeless Jack was driving. And everyone else compacted in the back. Windows covering them.

Ticci Toby reached into his trenchcoat, and pulled out a knife. "It's Your own, Stitchface Skylar." Ticci toby said, handing it to him.

The knife was a knife where you could press the button and it would pop out. He pressed the button and held it in his right hand, feeling powerful, but not able to explain how.

Eyeless Jack stopped the vehicle and turned back to see Skylar with a knife. He pumped his fist in the air, and began to chant. "One of Us." Soon everyone was chanting the same thing in unison.

Skylar felt more power to him, as he felt he belonged, like he was happy, even though he couldn't smile.

He climbed out of the van, in front of his familiar house, that he used to call home. He walked in front of the door, blade in hand, and Turned the knob and kicked open the door.

His mother was lying on the floor a bottle of bourbon in hand. "Is that you, son?" She said. She then saw the knife and his stitched mouth. And she tried to scream, but he was quicker.

She turned around on her stomach and tried to crawl away. This is for everything you've ever done to me, all the words that brought me down. But I found my place in this world. He thought.

He plunged his blade in his mother's back, Feeling the power in him increase. Blood spurted out on his face, and that filled him with glee. He pulled the knife out again and turned her over.

There was blood pooling around her body. Her eyes flitted as He plunged it into her stomach, and then her chest. Feeling like he accomplished something, that he wanted to do for a long time.

Never will I be put down like you did to me again. By anyone. He thought. He rushed into his room packed some clothes, and his bear; Vladimir. And his tablet and charger.

And stuffed it into a backpack. He gave one last look at her before walking away from his past and into his glorious future... with his new family.

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