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ridiculous laws

Sociology Class:

I was in Sociology 101 and we were discussing Laws, and I looked into ridiculous laws in America.

No marriage if you have VD- nebraska

montana - no frisbee golf

Missouri- tarzan's not welcome

Maryland- no cursing while driving

Topeka ks- no throwing snowballs

Black cats must wear a bell on friday the 13th, indiana

Illinois- no fancy bike riding

Idaho- no cannibalism at all. In other states there is no ban only if its non consensual consumption of another human.

Connecticut: pickles must bounce

Arizona- no spitting in public

Alaska- no getting drunk in a bar

Lawrence-All cars entering the city limits must first sound their horn to warn the horses of their arrival.

NEW MEXICO: For many years, "idiots" could not vote in most elections. The word was historically used to describe someone mentally disabled or with an IQ below 30.

In alabama, its illegal to drive blindfolded

Illinois, it's legal for underage culinary students to consume alcoholic beverages. Sip and spit

In kentucky, a woman, cannot marry the same man 4 times

In montana, it is illegal to give a rat as a present

New jersey. bullet proof vests are outlawed while committing a crime.

In ohio, it is illegal to sell dyed chickens

Comment about laws you believe to be ridiculious. Sorry if this post offends u

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