So I am working on a drawing:
So I am working on a drawing: my art stories
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ari_korn_03 I'm brOKen, but I will just keep swiming
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a drawing needs to be evaluated. what can I do. And about billie eilish new song!!!!!!

So I am working on a drawing:

Can u guess who I am drawing for a portrait. This person is my favorite. I know every song by them, And I love them all. There will be a painted version. This is just the drawing:




this is the picture of the person:

the drawing:

It looks pretty bad. comment below on what I can do to make it better. I'd appreciate it. I will take constructive criticism

Oh Yeah on the topic of Billie Eilish A new song just got released today; Therefore I am. CHECK IT OUT BROSKIIIS. I am crying tears of joy over this. eeeeeeeeeeek. I am so happy about this song. Can I ask billie eilish to marry me tho. I will use toast etiquette in My D&D world. XD. JK.

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