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a poem, about loss of a love. Sasuke is not who I am actually talking about, just a nickname. hope you like it.

Sasuke uchiha

She was my world,

When she smiled, the whole room lit up,

And when we kissed, my heart raced,

She had blue eyes, that I could get lost in,

Like a sailor gets lost in a sea.

Being with her was like tokyo and hogwarts combined.

Then she left,

She made a promise that she would be back tomorrow

And she didn't come back,

She left, and I didn't get to say goodbye,

And I remembered, holding her hand, and giving her a hug,

Thinking she would come back,

Now she's many miles away,

And could be in the arms of someone new,

Holding their hand, and kissing their lips.

And I'm here,

Without the one who stole my heart without realizing it,

She didn't mean it

I wonder, does she miss me?

Does she feel the way I feel about her?

Someday, I may see her again,

But no one makes me feel the way she did.

I love you Sasuke Uchiha. -Naruto Uzumaki.

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