Please Don't leave me.
Please Don't leave me. sad love stories

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a poem calling out to missing a girl who's been MIA for 6 months that stole my heart.

Please Don't leave me.

I saw her for the first time

and her smile roped me in,

like a horse.

her words burned to the touch

but she didn't repulse me.

She's the girl I will never forget.

The candle in my heart.

She's the Glue keeping me together.

even when I feel like stepping into the underworld.

her kiss is like love itself.

unforgettable and exciting.

she is the face of beauty.

she's like the boyfriend's flannel.

or like my favorite cologne.

that I never grow weary of.

she stole my heart and faded away.

pulling me heart out of my chest with her.

I will not love anyone like I love her.

I belong to her.

she is the cross I will bear any day.

because she is worth the love.

She can hurt me,

and I would still come back for more,

unfazed by the hurt.

I hope she loves me too.

Please don't forget me.

I cannot love anyone like I love you.

She is the girl,

who grabbed my shirt,

and kissed me,

despite the consequences of the kiss.

sweet and heartfelt.

She kissed me, despite the tears in my eyes.

Because I didn't want to leave you.

You told me you loved me.

And I will love you forever and always.

Please don't let this be a dream,

or a hoax.

Please Don't be the hardest goodbye.

The hardest fall.

Please don't be my heartache.

_..Kaydence.._ tik tok

I love you.

I miss you. Something I rembered you saying was "Go Suck a Duck Embryo" You are the cinderella that got away. And I'm looking everywhere for you. but you are nowhere.

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