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love poem

My Anchor

your like the vibrant sun in ,y life.

giving me the nergy

to keep going.

Your vehement temper,

is like fire in my heart,

burning only for you.

you charming voice,

like a melody in the air,

moving me,

anywhere you go.

your soul.

like a constellation of stars,

unique, beautiful, magical, compelling.

A masterpiece.

you keep my heart beating,

through all the pain and sorrow.

your the drug in my veins,

the injection in my arm.

that I cannot get enough of.

you're my forever.

my anchor to this world.

keeping me from crossing the line of insanity.

your are the only one I desire.

the love of my life.

my soulmate.

the candle in my black abyss.

The shield,

protecting my flame from going out.

I am yours.

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