Liam's Poltergeist Part 1
Liam's Poltergeist Part 1 paranormal stories

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16 year old Liam Jackson was sitting in his 5th hour english class, He always he heard the screaming in his ears, At random times. And at times he'd hear; why won't you play with me, Liam?" He'd been hearing these things everyday for a long time.

Liam's Poltergeist Part 1

16 year old Liam Jackson was sitting in his 5th hour english class, He always he heard the screaming in his ears, At random times.

And at times he'd hear; why won't you play with me, Liam?" He'd been hearing these things everyday for a long time. The Teacher, Ms. Bradley told us to open our laptop's.

This girl named Deryan, opened her laptop and an email popped up in her email. She opened it. It all happened too quickly.

first her screen went black, She raised her hand to say "something happened to my computer." but she was cut off, a loud pitched scream filled Liam's head.

All of a sudden, she began to shake uncontrollably in her chair, losing control, blood spurted from her eyes, nose, and mouth. Blood everywhere... All too much.

my breath caught in my throat, and I couldn't look away, as she was being invisibly attacked. Blood spurted everywhere, on the floor, desk and computer, it dripping to the floor.

The screaming noise became louder and louder. I was in a trance, I couldn't move. Jamie, my friend was shaking me "RUN LIAM!" I blinked hard.

I looked around and there was a dead body and one already almost dying blood shooting out everywhere. My chest tightened. Without thinking, I stood up and ran out of the room.

My phone was tucked into my pants pocket. I ran, I was so scared, that I tripped over a dead body. There was blood on my face. I examined the body more closely, and saw it. Horrified.

I got ready to open my mouth to scream. But was stopped by someone's hand over my mouth. I thrashed against the hands trying to get away. But whoever or whatever it was, was too powerful.

my anxiety spiraled up so high, that his body couldn't handle it. He felt himself lose consciousness, and his grip loosened on his attacker.

Liam was still "passed out" and he heard the voices over him. "We have to interrogate him to see if he is one of these things. You know what happened to Laura...

It took over her body, and we had to kill her." Said a male voice with lots of voice cracks. "but when I put my hand over his mouth, he was getting ready to scream. His fought against me.

then he fainted. Its how I got him here." said a voice, which he recognized as Adam's. "But We can't be too sure. We should dispose of him to ensure safety for the rest of us.

" said a deep voice, that sounded like a man's. "I think we shouldn't kill him until we know for sure." said Adam. "How about we take a vote." Said a child's voice, that sounded too excited.

"Okay. All in favor of interrogating him, say 'Aye'. There were about 6 Aye's. "All in favor of disposing of him say 'Aye'. There were about 2 Aye's. "Alright.

We keep him alive to interrogate him." said the boy with the voice cracks. "But how is he going to wake up, we can't just wait, we have to try to get out of this school.

But All the exits are blocked, by whatever is killing everyone. Maybe he knows what it is." said Adam. "Doubt it. He feinted you said. He'd probably piss himself at the sight of blood.

" the the guy with the deep manly voice. "Shake him. Duh!" said the little girl's name which was Sophie.

I Heard footsteps approaching me. Still pretended to be passed out. I stayed still. I felt my body being shook so hard. "Get up. Wait why is he wearing black bracelets and all black.

is he emo?" said the girl. i felt a light kick into my stomach from the deep voiced man with an obviously hard boot. I slowly opened my eyes, my stomach hurt slightly. I groaned and looked up.

there were about 8 people. I knew none of them, except well, Adam He had short brown hair with green eyes, and a pale complexion. his hair stuck up in many places, and was hard to tame.

And he always had that gorgeous smile that lit up an entire room.

he was really funny, and so compassionate and had the same taste of music as him, emo/rock/alternative, and he really liked Adam.

"HEY! did you hear me, I asked you question!" said the male with the deep voice. "He said what is your name." said Adam, with concern on his face.

Hearing his voice made my insides turn to Jelly. "I-I'm Liam... J-Jackson." I said, looking down. "Do any of you know him?" the boy with the voice crack asked. "No Ed.

" they all said, except Adam. he raised his hand. "He's in 3 of my classes, And he's my friend. I'd know if it wasn't him but it is. because he always looked at me like he is now.

I know that look. It's him for sure." he said, looking at him with a smile that I'd never seen before. I returned the smile.

"Do you know what is going on?" Ed asked, as I pulled my attention away from Adam.

"Uh all I know is there is this invisible attacker thing that came out of a girl's computer, and blood spurted out of her eyes, ears nose and mouth. It was so sickening. So much blood" I said.

"Yeah, that happened to my friend too," said Ed, looking down. "Well let's try and get out." I said getting up and walking to the door.

I was immediately thrown back into a wall by an invisible force. There stood a faded figure. I felt scared.

The faded figure walked closer, and began sucking the air out of my lungs with its hand. I felt pain growing in my lungs. I tried to inhale, but there was no air to breathe.

Everything faded, and the only thing I saw was a faded grey figure, Its face, like someone put flesh over its mouth, like it didn't have a mouth.

It eyes, oh its eyes, so black, like the good never existed in this thing. Its arms, long, and had claws. the Legs, there were 8 of them, metallic.

"HEY!" yelled Derek, ramming into the horrid figure. The shadow disappeared, and I could finally breathe again. I inhaled deeply, and coughed. Thankful I didn't die.

"Are you okay?" Adam said running to me. Derek pulled him back away from me. "How do we know he turned bad?" asked Derek, throwing Adam back. Derek was dressed in military uniform.

Green short sleeve shirt and military pants, and combat boots. "When is your birthday?" Derek asked, suddenly drilling him. "3/7/02." I said.

"Tell me something about a time you and Your "friend", Then. If you actually know him." Derek demanded.

"Well, I remember the time we were in a tent with a couple other friends, and we had been playing spin the bottle, and it landed on me, he had to kiss me.

That night he told me after we kissed, that he was thankful that it had be me and not anyone else that was there." I said, and looked up at her.

He had a shocked look, but smiled and said, "You remember that. Wow I am surprised." Adam said. "Now May I get up." I asked impatiently. "Whatever." Derek said.

"Well shouldn't we form a plan to save ourselves, get rid of whatever that was?" Asked Ed. "Good idea." said Adam. "Well it isn't invisible. I saw it for sure.

I saw a mouthless guy with robotic spider legs, and extremely dead eyes. did you?" I asked. everyone looked at me like They didn't know what I was talking about.

"We saw this little boy, and he was kinda faded, and he had his hand reached out, and was choking you. But he had no mouth." said Derek. "Are you okay?" asked the girl who's name was Lily.

"My neck hurts, but I'm fine." I said quickly, looking down. "I think it may be a ghost, And it feeds off of human blood I'm guessing." said Ed. "I think you might be right." Adam said.

"S-S-So, how do we get rid of it?" I asked. "Well, we could, try the natural way to get rid of them. Burning sage and stuff." Ed suggested. "For all we know this could be just a projection.

" said Derek, looking around suspiciously. "That kills everyone, and choked Liam?" asked LIly. "I definitely don't see your side on that, either. Projections don't cause blood everywhere.

" said Adam. "Where would we find 'sage', then?" asked Derek. "Well you are in ROTC, so you don't know much about sage. I am a person who smudges,so I know, it cleanses the area from all evil.

And It's in my backpack." said lily. "won't we need a lot of it?" I asked. "There's a whole room of it. Mr. Dorphis burns sage all the time. We began walking to his classroom.

I was walking behind everyone else, Adam beside me. "What you said, it meant a lot to me. That night meant a lot to me, Liam." said Adam looking at me.

For a moment I was lost in his gaze, I wanted to lean in, but didn't. I was speechless. "I l-l-liked that night too. It meant a lot as well." I said, my heart pounding in my chest.

I felt something brush against my hand, and I looked down, his hand was reaching towards mine. I let his hand touch mine.

Then, Adam did something that surprised me, he grabbed my hand, and pulled me to a stop, Enclosing the space between them. Adam's lips touched Liam's, the scent of axe body spray on Adam.

For a moment I just stood there, not knowing what to do. Then I pulled Adam closer, my arms around Adam's neck, and kissed him back. His lips were soft, and it was amazing.

Holding the moment longer, they both pulled back, breathing hard. Adam was blushing. "We better get going." He said, extending his hand out towards me.

I took his hand, and we walked down the hall walking close behind the group.

Lily grabbed a big wooden bowl, and filled it with sage, and pulled out a Lighter, and liShe filled bags with sage from the cabinet. They left quickly.

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