Invisible Killer
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death calls

Invisible Killer

In my mind,

there's is a gun at my temple.

I am unable to vision who is holding the lethal weapon.

There is no fear of death,

no sadness,

that the trigger will be pulled.

It follows me everywhere.

Claiming me.

The sentence of death, on my shoulders.

It does not frighten me.

The killer holding the weapon to my temple,

knows when the time is right.

The reaper will sentence me to my rightful death,

I am Unafraid of what lies ahead.

This dark life has pushed me to insanity.

Tomorrow is foggy and unclear.

the agony is eternal.

I cannot escape this pain

the reaper has placed its undying wrath upon my soul.

I can never be truly happy in this world

At times, I ponder, was I really intended for this world?

I feel the gun cocking behind my head,

and I know its time.

Its a brief pain.

before its all gone.

the killer was me.

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