Impossible Dream
Impossible Dream sadness stories
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transgender sadness

Impossible Dream

I'm walking down the street.

feeling light free, and happy.

not feeling the weight of feminism.

coursing through my veins.

my body didn't feel feminine,

the absence of my bust.

didn't seem to phase me.

I felt masculine.

like myself.

there was no pressure of society.

and she was there.

holding my hand

her smile, melting my heart.

her beauty, mesmerizing.

my heart skipped a beat.

I spun her around,

and pulled her into my embrace.

and whispered in her ear.

telling her how beautiful she is.

she blushed,

and wrapped her arms around my neck,

and kissed me.

I woke up, groggy,

in my feminine flesh.

the feeling of her hand in mine,

fading away.

the feeling of her lips on mine also fading.

I stood in the mirror.

In agony,

of who I was.

hating myself.

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