If I had Amnesia:
If I had Amnesia: sad stories

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if I could forget the pain and memories life brings.

If I had Amnesia:

The scars run down my arms.

The agony it left behind is unbearable.

The words burned into my mind.

hurts like an arrow to the chest.

The Memories swirling in my head,

cloud my logic.

with emotional distress.

Of the Past.

I wonder,

if I woke up with Amnesia,

would I forget the scars upon my body.

Would I be happier,

knowing I do not know my past.

Would I be able to leave

and not feel I have to hide my past

from the



I want to forget the words etched into my flesh.

I want to forget the choking hands of anxiety.

I want to forget the heavy heart of sadness.

I want to forget the dead heart I always have.

I want to forget My paranoia,

The feeling of someone watchings, listening.

Waiting for the moment to strike me.

I want to forget my insecurities,

I want to forget my social Anxiety.

I want to forget the torture,

They put upon me, to mold me into a pawn.

I want to forget the regrets,

And the Hardest goodbyes

The people who left.

I want to forget all the failed I love you's, that turned into rejection.

I want to forget the want to tell the daisy in the garden I love her.

I want to forget that she will never love me, and that I am just a friend.

I want to forget that she is my broken heart, she is my heartache.

I want to forget the promise I could never make,

Because of my endless agony.

Now she's gone.

And the guilt of the unfulfilled promise.

I wonder, would I forget what pain was?

Would I forget why there are long scars upon my body?

I want to forget The horrible things I saw.

I want to forget the feeling of handcuffs.

If I had Amnesia,

Would it all be better?

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