I can't help falling for you.
I can't help falling for you. heartache stories

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falling in love with someone who is happy with someone else

I can't help falling for you.

I don't want to love to hard.

But I find myself,

falling harder than a rock in an ocean.

I want to pull away from you,

because you deserve better.

You're happy where your at.

But You draw me in.

You make my heart pound fast.

I love to hard.

I know I am not worthy of your love.

I feel hopeless.

I can only dream.

of telling you I love you.

It burns deep inside,

not being able to tell you that.

But I cannot.

You're happy.

With your lover.

So I will stand along the sidelines.

Hoping to be in your field.

but all i have to say,

I really like you.

But I can't tell you.|

You probably don't know this that it is you I like...

So, i tell you passively.

But keep me in mind.

I'll be there.

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