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Grave of Depression:

My hands sink into the mud.

The mud is cold.

My breath mists in the air,

leavings a white puff of air.

The cold sinks into my flesh.

chilled me to the bone.

I Dig my feet into the mud.

covered in grime.

drenched to the bone.

fingers numb and frozen.


trying to get out of the hole.

I grunt in pain,

as my foot slips, and I am dangling by my fingers.

my fingers begin to slip,

and I quickly,

dig my foot into the earth.

I regain my balance.

I see...

The light above me shines.

My eyes widen.

I am filled with hope.

I want to get there.

to get out of this hell.

I work faster to get up,

determined not to fall.

I begin to feel the warmth

of the rays of light above me.

The sun is shining down,

The earth feels warmer.

I look above the ground,

finally able to feel the warmth spreading through my fingertips.

I made it.

Then there she is.

my Past.

She smiles at me mockingly.

And kicks my arm off the ledge.

I am dangling by one arm.

struggling to stay afloat,

"Please, I don't want to fall back into the depression."

"You will never get through me." She says, sneering.

She kicks my other arm,

and I am falling into the black abyss.

cold and wet.

I sit in the hole,

trying to hold the tears in,

knowing It will take a long time,

getting out.

I sink into the water,

to drown out the pain with depression.

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