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dress daily prompt I never finished in time


I walked across the floor.

My flats clicking on the floor.

My flowy dress hitting my legs.

A mask of makeup on my face.

compressed into a role.

A smile painted upon my face with red lipstick.

Tears on my face,

covered by makeup.

I hate this.

I don't want to be this way.

I tried to pull away,

but they held the leash tighter.

Dress like a girl. they said.

your a girl, not a man.

They handed me a dress, and lipstick.

This is who you have to be.

I sobbed, and told them no.

This is your role, Now take it.

I burned the dress,

And took the scissors to my hair.

I will throw the lipstick into the ocean.

I am not a pawn.

I will not conform.

I am not property.

I will not be chained to society.

Don't determine who I have to be.

I am not just a dress.

I am not a chess piece.

I will not be in this game of chess.

I will be the rogue,

that fights to stay true to myself.

At all costs.

I will burn the dress.

And continue to take the scissors to my hair.

I will cast away the lipstick.'

I am not a Dress.

*this was supposed to be for the prompt Dress, but I didn't submit it, so here it is*

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