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belonging with the voices


Feeling like I don't belong

A lack of connection

In a crowded room that still feels lonely

The darkness in my mind held out a hand, and said,

stay with me,

And you'll never be lonely again,

I shook hands with darkness,

As it pulled me deeper into my mind

The darkest part

Giving the feeling of belonging

Listening to the voices echoing through my mind.

Faded black figures sitting beside me

Always there.

Conversations with my friends

They understand me. I said.

Unlike all of you.

One night

The voices said

"I know how we can help you."

A knife sat at my bedside.

"Give them what they deserve

For ignoring you."

I thought to myself,

The people in the world

Were trying to help me

"No!" I said.

"I will not kill them,

And If I were to kill anyone,

It'd be you.

For pulling me so deep into the darkness,

That I cannot see whats in front of me.

This isn't right.

I will not break others down.

Despite my situation.

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