Daisy in the Grass
Daisy in the Grass sad love stories

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If I could tell her what she means to me.

Daisy in the Grass

She is the daisy in the Grass.

Diverse from the other daisies.

Shining bright,

Like the diamond in the coal.

Standing out from the rest.

So unique.

And I think she's beautiful.

I know she's beautiful.

Wishing I could tell her;

no one compares to her beauty

In my eyes, She stands the tallest.

The most vibrant, optimistic, and vivacious.

Her smile lifts my heart with fiery embers of love.

She lifts me up,

When depression kicks me down.

She is the record I would play on loop,

And never change the record.

Never caste her away for another.

I just wish she knew.

Her worth...How beautiful she is.

I wish I could tell her.

If she wasn't in the arms of another.

If only she loved me.

...What if I can never tell her?

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