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chain reaction when unkind words are said.

Chain reaction.

The sky had been perfectly clear,

Not a cloud was in site

Zachariah was sitting under the old tree by his house.



Book in hand

Headphones in.

He had been coping with his depression his whole life.

No one knew why.

It was like this moment

He was happy reading his book

Something good was going to happen

....and it didn't

The sky darkened quickly.

Thunder shook his earth

Lightning struck him in the heart.

Because in his life

Someone threw the past in his face

And calling him names.

Making him vulnerable to the slightest words.

Crumbling like paper.

after that,

He screams in his head.

Because he is silenced.

They don't know what they did.

He Wished the past away.

But it stayed in his head

Wishing he had amnesia.

Scars ripped open once again.

Bleeding fast.

He shut down his feelings

And became apathetic to the good

So that he would not be affected

And one day,

He built his wall up so high,

That no one could see him,

And the past became so unbearable.

The he killed his mind

Then tried himself. Thankfully they had gotten to him in time.

He ended up getting treatment, and learned some skills to help him.

As he talked, they learned what was being said really had an impact.

They then learned, that the slightest word could've killed him.

And helped him get out of his situation and into a better home.

So be kind to others.

so that we can avoid this.

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