Ask Me anything within reason
Ask Me anything within reason advice stories

ari_korn_03 I am a brOKen Depresso Espresso
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ask me questions and you shall receive. Advice, get to know me etc...

Ask Me anything within reason

So for my 90 followers, You guys can ask me anything as long as its not something inappropriate. Ask me in the comment tread and I will be honest. I can also give advice on most things; except sex lives. Because That's awkward and I have no knowledge of that. U can even ask if I can follow u. I'd be fine with that.

Ask me about LGBTQ+, My journey, Mental Health Stuff, Advice with Life. Anime, Harry Potter, Lord Of the Rings, Game OF Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Japan, Food, Emo stuff, Punk stuff, Classic Rock, Definetely ask me about billie eilish. I probably won't stop talking then. Emo rappers. Well, Bon Appetit? XD I don't even fucking know what I just said. :-|

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