''WHAT NOW ? ''

                 ''WHAT NOW ? '' afterworld stories

ari_1610 -Let Me Live A Lie-
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" Welcome to the after world, MAYBE an answer to your question 'What Now?' "

''WHAT NOW ? ''

Honestly, I just wrote what came to my mind after a long time. Don't know if it is good or not. Please feel free to comment below. 😃

It is a conversation between A Brother ⬇️⬆️ Dead Sisters Escort ⬇️⬆️ Dead Sister

BROTHER TO ESCORT: "I don't know if you are here to heal, Or is it my emotions that I try to conceal, I leave her to you please treat her well, In my heart forever she shall dwell."

ESCORT TO BROTHER: "Let this seemingly be a cold delusion, May I be a simple figment of illusion, I shall take her with me to a destination, Where her faith shall be her own creation."

ESCORT TO SISTER: "I am so sorry but you are freed dead, You have no more reasons for tears to shed, A hearty welcome to the great afterworld, Where every ones emotions are impearled."

SISTER TO ESCORT: "Should I be fretting or should I not, Is this my reality that I am really ought, Are you real or is it just my mere though, In this world I am nothing but a petite dot."

AFTER WORLD: Knee length water Starlight thoughts Soul feather light Mind so bright Meteors flying Comets dying A Distance to walk Whom to talk ?

''An answer to your question, A wave of endless cession." WHAT NOW ?

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