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QUARANTINE POEM - by Argee Guevarra


- by Argee Guevarra


The air chills the idle vibe

Inside our homes

As TV screens flash warnings

Of spherical, microscopic thorns

Pixelating a pandemonium

That gather across the horizon

Like a barbarian horde

Flailing away with spiked iron balls

At everything and anything

That stands in the way

Of their savage conquest

Of our comfort zones.


Governments scramble

Popular resistance

To be fought house-to-house,


On the principle

Of separate but equal

As part of draconian decrees

Of do's and don'ts --

A gaslight of science and politics

Trolled by state media

To exact maximum obedience

In exchange for easy supply

Of cheap medical equipment,

Made in China.


Our soles square sovereignty

To within a few steps

Of the bed to the toilet

To the kitchen to the doorstep,

Our hands washed off to an oath

Of water, soap and alcohol

If available, when affordable.

In cases of poor sanitation,

The extreme unction

Of scrubbing with Clorox

All surfaces we touch

Is faithful observance

Of the ecumenical tenet,

"Cleanliness is next to godliness."

Should thoroughness lack

In this cleanliness crusade,

In this germicidal jihad,

We pray - dear god - for us

Not to be taken from this world

To stand beside You

Anytime soon.

Consider, however, corrupt politicians.


Coughing and sneezing

Into our armpits

Have become duty

To kin and country

And loving thy neighbor

As thyself at every instance

Is mandated to be measured

By a six feet distance.


Small acts of kindness

Are now praise-released

And earn thousand plus Likes

On Facebook and Twitter re-tweets.

Even the thoughtless pillaging

Of our own pantries

To rescue rusty canned goods

From their expiration dates

Can earn medals if donated

To the needy who nurse cubs

Inside their bloated bellies

Often heard grumbling

At official promises

Of welfare aid

Still stuck in red tape.


Discipline demands dieting

For today's breakfast

Is likely tomorrow's lunch

And we get by and full at dinner

Swiping up or down Instagram

Hashtag - #foodporn.


Once or twice a week,

We soldier on

And marshal our resources

From the memory

Of our last paychecks

Before deploying to hotspots

That begin on our streets

And end in Greenland.

This is a test of vigilance,

Of our inner boy scout

As we crawl past checkpoints,

In our solo march to the grocery

Only to stand in attention

At the queue's tail end,

Spotting suspicious-looking shoppers

Sweaty nervous,

Perhaps hiding pathogens

Under our very noses.


We run the clock

Of our daily existence

In varying shifts of sleep,

Meals and cyber-sloth,

Teetering on the thread

Of ennui and sanity

Not knowing the difference

Between the two, if any

As we sanitize our senses

From the morbid montage

Of the infected, the sick

The dying and the dead,

Out of fear that the next infrared

Thermometer check

Could gun us down with symptoms

And condemn us to the ICU

Where angels whisper

Psalms 23:4.

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