A Quick Break
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aren290 Community member
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A place to cry is all I ask for

A Quick Break

A place to cry That's all I ask for.

A place where it don't feel Like I carry every expectations, Like I have to be great, To feel like I'm worth a dime

Without turning on the television and seeing the world change Just cause I don't say nothing, ain't mean it don't hurt.

A place where I can go out Without thinking, "Am I going to be arrested or worse shot?" A place with some time all to me.

I feel you. But at times, I'm exhausted of trying when the same things keep happening. It don't mean I stopped trying. Just means I'm taking a short break. From the world who don't seem to see my fragility.

A place without wondering if I'd turn up on the news. My family watching how I got snuffed out like an irrelevant flame In the name of so called justice.

Just cause I took a break, don't spell THE END. You know what? I'll come back stronger and better. To join the fight for EQUALITY.

All I plead for, Is a place to weep for the past, the present and future generations. To yell out years of anguish to the world. Asking why? Why us? What wrong have we committed?

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