On the importance of self-defence
On the importance of self-defence vilence stories

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Do not be a victim. Preserve yourself. This message can save your life.

On the importance of self-defence

This is not a poem or story. But I must say it. In fact, it's my responsibility. It will take about two minutes of your time and it won't be fun. Switch off now, if you're bored already.

I assume you are a lovely, intelligent person. Someone, who's genes are an asset for the future. - we don't want the Idiocracy scenario, do we?

But I must warn you: not everyone is like you. Some people will hurt you. I don't mean emotional pain, but fractured bones or rape.

Those violators are closer than is comfortable to think about, but statistics are clear: if you live among people, someone you know is ready to violate you, when no one watches.

Practice sprints, consider joining a martial art gym. Pick a book about self-defence: Sprint can save your life. Knowing how to take a punch and fall down safely can save your life. Understanding patterns of human violence can save you life.

Obviously, quitting smoking and eating healthy will statistically save your life more likely than self-defence. However, the secondary pay-off of self-defence is a boost in courage, confidence and gives you a bad-ass vibe.

I'm no war hero or self-defence expert. But sprinting, taking punches and quick reactions saved me from unprovoked attacks already. I continue to live despite people trying to get me out. I'm not big, or naturally strong or fearless. But I refuse to be a victim. You should too.

If you're a guy, there's no excuse* for not being able to defend your partner. *Unless you have a medical condition

If you're a girl, there's no reason* for not being able to run faster than any rapist/thief/insert your favourite creep trying to get you. *Unless you have a medical condition

I implore on you again, do not be a victim, preserve your genes by any cost necessary without being a jerk. You're important. Power to you!

If you're interested I highly recommend 'Gift of Fear' by Gavin de Becker: Not very entertaining, but the best about patterns of human violence and how to spot them (not an advertisement).

Next, I recommend Jocko's podcast (anything about self-defence) and joining your local BJJ/MMA/Muay Thai/Wrestling club.

And then, there's lots of valid free self-defence advice on YouTube (strikes, squaring off, mindset).

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