Just a few bubbles in a sewer sludge
Just a few bubbles in a sewer sludge death stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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I bet something is gonna kill you.

Just a few bubbles in a sewer sludge

I cycled fully loaded with my weekly shopping.

As I approached home, a bird is hopping in front of my tyre.

Fly, you little fucker!

I nearly run him over. I stopped and noticed it's just a chick that cannot fly.

My bike was between my legs, loaded with shopping. I said get out of the road now, you silly bird. Something is going to kill you.

So I walked toward him to push him out of the road.

The bird was young, confused and scared from a giant with a giant bike and giant shopping bags. He hopped away, just as I wanted.

Then I saw a sewer cover at the edge of the road. Surely he sees it too. Or does he?

I cannot stop the scared bird now, loaded with bags and bike between legs. And the bird dropped through the sewer cover, trying to run from a scary giant.

I approached and watched the sky mirrored in the sludge of that sewer, with few bubbles of air.

Yeah, something is gonna kill you, I thought.

I got home, and a neighbour I never saw and never talked to is sweeping her porch, and she says hello. And I say hello. How are you? Good, and you? Good.

A bird just died, a neighbour just talked to me, I got my shopping home. I'm good.

Some day, some thing or some body is going to kill us. Go out and live. Don't wait till you turn into sludge.

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