I bit the untouchable
I bit the untouchable bite stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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One wrong bite can send you to a place of doom.
CAUTIONARY tale not to eat wrong things. True story.

I bit the untouchable

I touched the untouchable and now my fingers bleed I've bitten what I shouldn't and now my liver collapse

My eyes are black my skin sweats fear I think I poisoned myself I think I need to pump out stomach

112, I need medical care damn I can't articulate I stick a finger in my throat and choke

The borders of perception are blurred my body is paralyzed yet my consciousness is crystal clear I'm on the other side

Foaming from mouth the stomach is spasming I grab a knife I'll end it now something stops me

I vomit blood internal organs are shutting down I touched the untouchable and bitten what I shouldn't

Was it the mushroom? Did I make mistake in the laboratory? I read the label: mya cusae dateh. What? I can't read.

I look at my body I see a door to my soul I'm not here, I'm not there am I just hallucinating?

The ambulance is here. Thanks NHS.

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