God Bless You Beggar Entrepreneur
God Bless You Beggar Entrepreneur beggar stories

aremdaich Whole essence of me
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WARNING: Disturbing content. You won't like where the story goes.

God Bless You Beggar Entrepreneur

I'm not sure if she was mad or desperate or just a junkie, but twenty quid is a good price. Besides, I knew she'd be there so I was prepared.

I saw her few times, Shouting "TWENTY QUID" at people. I don't like beggars, but we're all god's children, right? She wasn't exactly a beggar, more like an entrepreneur, using beggar's techniques.

Just like charities will send crippled kids to collect YOUR bank details. I hate people who exploit kids for a profit. We're all god's children, but some people are disgusting.

She begged me: "c'mon man, my two kids are cold and hungry, do it to me for them!" I'm not a heartless person, but I don't give beggars my hard-earned cash. But this was a transaction. Besides, twenty quid is a good price and I do it for the kids.

She showed me she's a real woman and that the condom was unused. My heart raced. As she took me to the bushes, she said: "one guy on drugs was doing it to me for thirty minutes. Bad deal." "I'll be quick," I answered

She bent herself, I walked behind. I thrust it inside her, first in the back. She screamed so I quickly thrust it inside her throat too.

She gurgled and slurped. Then fell down in a puddle of blood. I gut her and cut her face.

As I said, I was prepared. No one will miss her, not even her kids. I did them a favour, no one should have a mum like this. Besides, we're all god's kids so I beg your forgiveness.

God bless you.

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