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aremdaich Whole essence of me
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It's better not to get familiar with some things.
*Based on a true story*


Based on a true story, Abertamy, West Czechia, 2018

Do you remember when houses were made from actual bricks? It was around that time when my mum died and my dad would hit me and hit me and hit me until I could taste the blood in my mouth

You don't even notice the physical pain after a while and once you grow into 20-something you barely remember it

But I always remembered how my mum died and the taste of blood it was around that time I noticed that walls are from bricks

My online psychiatrist told me: you're delusional you seek familiarity here are some pills

Instead, I used a razor to open my skin and suck the blood for a familiar taste in my mouth to remember my mum and the bloody brick in the hands of dad

He drove to where his dad lived - an old, old man with a shake he got himself two bricks and a razor

"What the hell are you doing son?!" "Stop! Put them bricks away! You know you're delusional schizophrenic!" "I just seek familiarity dad..." That night my dad died as my mum did

Then, I slit my wrist and slit and slit until all I could feel was the childhood nightmare coming out of me.

The police have never found the true murdered of his mum.

And what is your familiarity?

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